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CCG® - Compression Cerclage- and Stabilisation - System

The CCG® System was developed by Dr. Ferdinand Gundolf in the year 1993 in Kufstein (Tyrol). It consists of biocompatible titanium bands with a broad contact face so that the bone is not constricted and the blood flow is not disrupted either, as well as titanium stabilisers that are capable not only of primarily stabilising the bone, but also of strengthening it sustainably through osseo-integration of the rough titanium surface.

Since its introduction, the CCG® system has internationally established itself impressively in a broad range of indications. In addition to traumatology indications, the CCG system has proved itself especially in the area of hip revision surgery as a protection from fissures when reaming the new implant bed, and as a corticalis reinforcement.

The clinical successes in the last 20 years confirm the concept and have made the Gundolf Compression Cerclage system one of the leading cerclage systems.

More information about the product can be found here.