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Halcor® - Hallux valgus

Halcor® System

The Halcor® system is used to stabilise sub-capital end-distal metatarsal l osteotomies when correcting hallux valgus and metatarsus primus varus deformities. The underlying technique corresponds with the Kramer technique or the minimally invasive technique according to Bösch. The system comprises a T-profile correction plate with a screw thread as the head component with two different offsets (4 or 6 mm). Stability of the implant in metatarsal I is achieved by the T-shaped design of the anchoring section. An angle-stable spongiosa screw is used to fix the plate to the lateralised metatarsal head. This concept allows stabilisation of the osteotomies of the frontal and transversal plane while at the same time allowing unobstructed compression of the bone fragments.

More information about the product can be found here.