ANA.NOVA Solitär Stem

The ANA.NOVA Solitär Stem was designed for anatomical reconstruction. In addition to leg length and lateral offset, antetorsion in the femoral neck and anterior offset of the head of the femur can also be taken into consideration. In an anatomical left and right stem form, it comprises a standard antetorsion of 11° and a CCD angle of 127°. The unique set of instruments supports the surgeon intra-operatively in order to allow for an optimal stem-cup geometry and a safe, maximum scope of movement of the hip joint.

The high level of primary stability of the cementless ANA.NOVA Solitär Stem is achieved by its tried and tested conical cortical fixation in combination with the rectangular implant cross-section.

Accelerated osteointegration is achieved by the combination of a rough, biocompatible titanium surface with a thin coating of calcium phosphate.

More information about the product can be found here.