GN Gliding Nail

GN gliding nail for intramedullary treatment of proximal femur fractures. Proximal femur fractures are a typical injury in old age that present with many different biomechanical properties. Therefore the GN gliding nail was developed in 1992 as a universal implant for indications from the medial femoral neck fracture through to the stem fracture.

  • It has an enlarged surface and absolute rotational stability of the blade in relation to the nail, but also to the bone itself, with minimised cutout risk.
  • No need to gouge out osteoporotic bone – compression around the blade bed instead
  • o Possibility to impact the double-T blade in the direction of the femur neck and the distal long hole in the direction of the femoral shaft
  • Easy and complication-free application
  • o With the same cross-section area, the chosen and patented double-T profile can bear greater loads than a U or round profile


Video – technique guide with the GLIDING NAIL

More information about the product can be found on the manufacturer’s site.